Entando CTO Wins Best IoT At Quarkus Hackathon

Entando CTO Joe White has won the category of Best IoT at the Quarkus Hackathon, tying for second place overall.

Thursday, September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020

Entando CTO Joe White has won the category of Best IoT at the Quarkus Hackathon, tying for second place overall. 

Quarkus Hackathon is a contest to create the best cloud native Java applications. The goal of the hackathon is to continue to grow the Quarkus ecosystem by showcasing the framework and the developers who power it.

Joe’s winning submission was Population Health IoT, a serverless Quarkus architecture for decision making using business rules built on Kogito and IoT health data. The purpose of the app is “to create an efficient, serverless, and rules driven architecture that can be used to process health data from a wide array of devices and health data ecosystems and unify those diverse sources to allow for common processing and actions within a given population.” 

“The Quarkus Hackathon was a great opportunity to get deeper into the Quarkus ecosystem and learn more about the tools and capabilities coming out of the community. Quarkus really gives developers the ability to create something powerful very quickly. The ability to externalize business logic in a way that is consumable by business users with Kogito and Quarkus is a great pattern with a ton of potential,” says White about the competition and his win. 

“After this hackathon I’m really excited about integrating quarkus and Kogito as ways to deliver new capability in the Entando platform.”

You can see the submission with description video here. You can also view the code, as well as the documentation

Learn more about Quarkus Hackathon and the other winners here.


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