Maximize the potential of your Kubernetes stack

with the leading modular application platform for Kubernetes

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Kubernetes is a strategic investment.

If you run containerized deployments, you understand the benefits of Kubernetes. You also understand how complicated it can be and how difficult it can be to gain developer adoption.

It feels like there should be an easier way. That’s why we created a platform that makes it easy to build applications on Kubernetes using modular components.

Promote developer productivity

in a Kubernetes environment


Bootstrap an application from a customized template


Accelerate app development to update iteratively


Simplify deployments by abstracting the complexity of Kubernetes

We know there’s a lot going on with app development with Kubernetes, and we want to make it easier.

Entando is a platform that integrates trusted open source technologies and extends their functionality to give you a cohesive and streamlined developer experience with easy-to-use patterns.

From deploying on Kubernetes to creating modular backend and frontend architectures using your current technologies, Entando helps you at every layer of the stack. Entando empowers you to build modern, cloud-native apps, offering you tools that simplify the development process while also giving you the freedom to fully customize your solutions.

Entando helps you maximize business value.

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Accelerate reaction time for updates



Lower runtime costs


Streamline security and reliability